March Student of the Month

Max Whittet is our Student of the Month for March 2016!

Congratulations to Max on being selected as our Student of the Month!

Max studies guitar with Larry Pumpian here at Brass Bell. He has been studying and playing the guitar for almost 2 years. Max also plays percussion in the wind ensemble at his high school. Besides music, in his spare time Max enjoys working out and spending time with friends. His favorite type of guitar playing is fingerstyle. One of his favorite musical moments was playing "Blackbird" for his family. It was the first piece he put a lot of time into and it felt great to perform the song for them.

Max says that music is joy, and he loves having the ability to make music anytime, anywhere. He first became interested in guitar when his cousin showed him some basic chords and Max has never stopped playing since. If he could meet any musician, it would be Chuck Berry, so he could thank him for the music he made. He also admires Chet Atkins for his phenomenal playing. Max is working toward a goal of becoming a skilled and knowledgeable musician and is looking forward to his upcoming recital this month!

The next time you see Max here, be sure to congratulate him on his achievement. After being an awesome student here at Brass Bell for going on two years, he deserves recognition for all of his hard work and dedication!