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Eastman VB95ST34 Bass Violin 3/4 Outfit


*Your price is always at least 30% off. If you have rental credit with us, that would be 30% off of your remaining balance. Call our Product Specialists at 414-963-1000 to see how you can take home this instrument today!* Samuel Eastman Model 95 basses are the next step in sound and playability for students and beginning players. These basses feature a hybrid design, with a fully-carved solid spruce top and laminated back and ribs. The carved top provides a richer, deeper tone, while the laminated back and ribs ensure stability and durability. Each Model 95 bass features a special hand-applied shaded varnish to give it an antique appearance.

Model: VB95ST34
Manufacturer: Eastman
Eastman VB95ST34 Bass Violin 3/4 Outfit
Price: $4,155.00

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