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Meinl TMSTCP Direct Drive Cajon Pedal

SKU:  ae00-67510
Manufacturer Part #:  TMSTCP

The MEINL Direct Drive Cajon Pedal gives you seamless playability. With the curved bar positioned at a 45 degree angle, your foot is comfortably placed in front of you for natural ease of use. The bar pivots around the post in the middle for added stability while the spring tension makes it react like a bass drum pedal. Equipped with cradle-like mount, the MEINL Direct Drive Cajon Pedal secures to any common cajon.

  • Cradle-like mount fits all common cajons
  • Adjustable spring tensions
  • Natural foot position for ease of use

Manufacturer: Meinl


SKU:  ae00-67510^TMSTCP
Manufacturer Part #:  TMSTCP
Weight:  0.00
Price: $99.99

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