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Korg GACS GA Custom Tuner

SKU:  ae00-66402
Manufacturer Part #:  GACS

Card-type compact tuners have long-been KORG’s most popular tuners. The diverse lineup includes the GA series for guitar/bass and the multi-use CA series, and has continued to support the tuning needs of beginners and professionals alike. We now introduce a new model: the GA Custom. The GA Custom features a large 3D visual meter, the first of its kind for a compact tuner. Three-dimensional lights and versatile display modes deliver an unprecedented level of visibility. Its ultra-high ±0.1 cent tuning precision also meets professional needs. The flat body with rubberized exterior is even more compact and portable than ever. A high-sensitivity mic is built-in, allowing it to be used not only with guitar/bass but also with orchestral and acoustic instruments. The GA Custom is a new type of compact tuner that packs a ton of high-end functionality into a convenient and highly portable package.

Model: GACS
Manufacturer: Korg

Korg GACS GA Custom Tuner

SKU:  ae00-66402^GACS
Manufacturer Part #:  GACS
Weight:  0.00
Price: $10.00

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