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Eastman EVL701 "Rudoulf Doetsch" Violin, Model VL701


*Your price is always at least 30% off. If you have rental credit with us, that would be 30% off of your remaining balance. Call our Product Specialists at 414-963-1000 to see how you can take this instrument home today, or get it delivered to your school!* Rudoulf Doetsch instruments are hand crafted by experts. They are hailed by teachers and performers as some of America's best German tonewood instruments. It features a spruce top with maple, back, ribs, & scroll, ebony fingerboard, pegs & chinrest, hand-applied multilayer antique-style spirit varnish, available in Guarneri (4/4 only) or Stradivari pattern. Available for purchase or special order in sizes 1/4 through 4/4, including 7/8.

Model: EVL701
Manufacturer: Eastman
Eastman EVL701 "Rudoulf Doetsch" Violin, Model VL701
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