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Student of the Month

June 2022

Sam Petski

Student of the Month - June 2022 - Sam Petski

Sam Petski is a guitar student of Ramiro Rubio. He's been studying with Ramiro for about two years. Sam's best accomplishment is learning to sight-read which brings him more freedom in reading any type of music such as song or symphony. His musical goal is to be able to learn a song by just listening and not looking at the tabs. Most about playing Sam likes to work on the new song and after a while see a result and be able to play everything clean. He believes no matter of style or artist you try to play their music can make you feel any emotion.

Sam's favorite style of playing is fingerstyle because of the atmosphere it creates. He got interested in the guitar because of how versatile it is. Also, the skills you leant on it can be useful on other instruments as well. If Sam had a chance, he would like to meet Paul McCartny who is one of his icons. He is truly amazed by the variety of Paul's style and instruments in his music through the decades and believes they would never run out of topics for discussion. Sam looks up to musicians as Bob Dylan and George Harrison because they could create emotional and powerful songs just with a singular guitar. Couple of Sam's favorite musical moments were listening to Bob Dylan's performance last year and performing with his sister for their parents on Christmas morning. He really enjoyed this performing experience with his sister as a moment of joy and bonding. Sam's hobbies are acting at Whitefish Bay school, playing harmonica, participating in a Debate and Spanish Clubs and taking good walks.