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Student of the Month

August 2023

Jenna Durnford

Student of the Month - August 2023 - Jenna Durnfrod

Jenna Durnford is a piano student of Noah Liermann. She has been playing for about a year and a half, and was first inspired to pick up the piano because of her cousin, who also plays.

Music makes Jenna feel happy and the thing she likes most about playing is learning new pieces. Her favorite piece right now is Ode to Joy, but she is just finishing up with her current lesson book and can't wait to start a new one.

Jenna's most memorable musical moment so far was performing in her first recital. She was a little nervous, but also very excited to play in front of an audience.

One of Jenna's favorite musicians is Taylor Swift, and if she could, she would like to meet Ludwig van Beethoven.

When Jenna isn't busy practicing piano, she likes art, reading, volleyball, swimming and gymnastics.