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Student of the Month

January 2021

Annabelle Heuer

Student of the Month - January 2021 - Annabelle Heuer

Annabelle Heuer is 13 years old and attends Shorewood Intermediate School. She began taking violin lessons with Anahit Campbell in July of 2020 and bass guitar lessons with Gary Williams in November of 2020. Annabelle became interested in violin because of the orchestra program at her school. She has been playing violin for 4 years and bass guitar for about 2 months. Annabelle's best musical achievement is becoming comfortable with reading music and feeling proud of how she plays violin. She is currently working on mastering the technique of vibrato.

Annabelles's favorite composer is Johann Sebastian Bach. Music makes her feel happy and relaxed. Annabelle's favorite music genres include rock, jazz and classical music. She likes to perform concerts with friends who really inspire her. Annabelle's most significant musical moment to date was her participation in a 6th grade spring concert festival. She particularly enjoyed that experience because she got to play with friends, as well as listen to older and more experienced musicians. As a musician, Annabelle feels most fulfilled when she has completed a piece of music she's been working on. Her other hobbies are ice skating and gardening.