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Student of the Month

February 2023

Zoe Wu

Student of the Month - February 2023 - Zoe Wu

Zoe Wu is a piano student of Faith Charbonneau. She has been playing the piano for a year and a half. When Zoe began playing piano she liked the pureness of sound and it was easier to learn for her. Music makes Zoe feel happy and creative. Her favorite piece to play is Tarantella op.14, N.8 by Frank Lynes. Zoe's goal is to perform in front of a large audience. Her favorite performance was for the Memory Care Facility, Zoe was really happy to see how people enjoyed her performance. She also likes to participate at Brass Bell Recitals. The most about playing Zoe likes to create music with sounds. When she is not practicing on piano, Zoe is drawing, playing games, golfing and playing soccer.