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Student of the Month

December 2023

Urijah Woodley

Student of the Month - December 2023 - Urijah Woodley

Urijah Woodley is a drum student of Tim Dries and has been playing for about 2 years. His goal right now is simple: to get as good as he can get at playing drums!

Music makes Urijah forget about any troubles and just enjoy getting lost in the moment. His favorite style of music is R&B, and if he could, he would like to meet the band Maroon 5 some day.

One of his most memorable musical moments so far was performing a solo at his 8th grade band concert, and he is looking forward to owning his own drum set in the future.

Urijah looks up to his drum teacher, Tim Dries, and is very proud to be nominated for the Brass Bell Student of the Month.

In addition to drums, Urijah also plays violin, and when he's not busy practicing, he likes playing different sports, video games, and spending time with friends and family.

Nice job Urijah!!