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Student of the Month

November 2022

Charles Koenig

Student of the Month - November 2022 - Charles Koenig

Charles Koenig, a student of Manuel Rodriguez, has been playing guitar for about 10 months. He became interested in the instrument while playing the game DOOM. His greatest musical accomplishment was recording the drums' cover of The Red by Chevelle. Charles' mom posted it on Facebook and the band saw it. Charles has a dream to become a videogame developer and work on sound design which is an important part of it. The most thing Charles likes most about playing guitar is the creativity. Music makes Charles feel happy and hyper and his favorite style to play is rock. If Charles could meet a famous musician, it would be David Bowie. On top of all his solo work, his innovation of other genres of music gave birth to a lot of the bands Charles listens to today. Charles also looks up to Mick Gordon and Chris Christodolou who made the tracks to two of his favorite games. His most memorable moment was sneaking to play a drum set in his basement when Charles was still in kindergarten. Charles also has been playing the drums for about 6 years and likes to work on video game design.