Current Job Openings

Interested in working at Brass Bell Music, but don't seen an opening that matches your skillset? Apply to let us know why you would be a great fit at BBMS! We will hold on to your resumé for future openings. Please return a copy of the application attached to your resume to the store, or email [email protected]

Employee Benefits

    Benefits for Full-Time Employees (30+ hrs/week)

    • Health insurance and HSA ENROLLMENT

      - We offer an HSA qualif ied medical plan with a $5000 deductible. All services and prescription drugs tract toward the $5,000 deductible. Once the deductible has been met, the carrier (WPS) will pay 100% of services and prescriptions. Because it is HSA qualif ied, the IRS allows you to utilize a Health Savings Account (HSA) which will allow you to put money into the HSA tax-free and take money out tax-free to pay for qualif ied medical expenses.
    • Disability

      - Long Term Disability Plan that pays 60% of your monthly earnings (not to exceed $6,000 per month) starting on the 91st day of disability.
    • Dental Reimbursement

      - Brass Bell will reimburse full-time employees who are eligible to participate in our health insurance plan up to $300 per year for out-of-pocket charges on the following dental procedures: dental examination, bite-wing X-rays, teeth cleaning.
    • Paid Vacation

      - Employees are eligible for 5 days paid vacation after working full-time for one year. After each subsequent year, employees will receive an additional day of paid vacation. For example, an employee that has worked here for 3 years will receive 7 days of paid vacation. (20 day cap for accrued vacation days)
    • IRA Participation

      - Simple IR A matching contribution up to 3% (after 2 years + $5k earnings)

    Benefits for All Employees (Full-Time, Part-Time, Teaching Staff)

    • Birthday Vacation Day (Sales, Repair and Office Staff Only)

      - Employees will receive a paid day off for their birthday! Paid birthday time off must be taken within the month of the employee’s birthday. Employees can pre-arrange with Tristann before the day of their birthday to take a later date as their paid day off.
    • Discounted Employee Purchases

      - Employees will be charged 15% above cost (with the exception of instrument purchases - Tristann may approve a different discount)
    • Reimbursement for Training & Education

      - At BBMS we believe in investing in you. If you know of an event, seminar, program, or class that will help you grow as a musician, teacher, or employee, talk to us about it! You may be eligible to have all or part of the cost reimbursed by BBMS.
    • Studio/Rehearsal Space

      - Based on availability, employees can utilize any of our 16 state-of- the-art studio spaces (off-the-clock, of course) provided they are open for use.
    • Education Aid

      - Employees are allowed use of our student-line of instruments, at no charge, if they would like to learn how to play a new instrument (based on availability).
    • Attendance Bonuses

      - Sales floor staff only. Get up to 2 go-home-early slips per month.

Current Available Positions

  • School Services Representative - In the field (face-to-face)

    Job Summary

    Looking for an outgoing, smart, and enthusiastic musician who can work face-to-face with music educators in the greater Milwaukee area.

    Our School Services Department plays an integral role here at Brass Bell. School Services links our business with many of Milwaukee's music educational institutions. Many of the connections you make on the road will have a direct impact on our store sales and customer base.

    Job Type: festivals and evening events.)/p>

    Full Time (Job would be Monday thru Friday: ranging from 7am - 4pm in the school year plus pre arranged / occasional attendance at district festivals and evening events.)




    Based on experience, starting at $13-16/hour with paid training

    Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Delivering and picking up products, music, and repairs for local schools.
    • Communicating about the goings on in BB and listening to the needs of the teachers.
    • Relationship building skills.
    • Connect teachers across institutions to provide insight and problem solve.
    • Participate in school rental nights, job festivals, and instrument fittings.
    • Develop leads with schools, colleges, and universities.
    • Connect with current high schools and college students pursuing music education.
    • Liaison between teachers and Brass Bell staff.
    • Prepare price quotes for schools looking to purchase items.
    • Invoicing.