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B49-70-4P Boveda 49% 4 Packets

SKU:  ae00-88117
Manufacturer Part #:  B49-70-4P

**4 COUNT** There’s a specific geometry built into your wood instrument. No matter the cost of your instrument, it is delicate and can be damaged by fluctuations in humidity. If you expose your wood instrument to humidity swings day after day, you can throw of its measured alignment and cause permanent damage. Storing your wood instrument in a stable environment created by Boveda High Absorption preserves your instrument, keeps it out of the shop, and betters your sound. Learn more at their website,

Model: B49-70-4P
Manufacturer: Boveda


SKU:  ae00-88117^B49-70-4P
Manufacturer Part #:  B49-70-4P
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