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Cello (Jr. Step-Up & Step-Up)

Our Jr. Step-Ups and Step-Ups are both intermediate and professional quality instruments that take the player's sound to the next level! Typically, this means more handmade features, higher quality wood and varnish for more resonance, as well as upgraded strings, bows, and cases with the outfit. (The only difference between Jr. Step-Up and Step-Up instruments is the size - the Jr. instruments are smaller fractional sizes, and the Step-Up is full-size, 4/4.)
Eastman VC200BHC Cello 3/4 (Jr. Step-Up) with hardshell case
Price: $3,826.00
In stock
Eastman VC200ST34 Cello 3/4 (Jr. Step-Up)
Price: $2,530.00
In stock
Knilling  3/4 Cello w/ Perfection Pegs, "Summit Deluxe" Model P171T
Price: $2,879.00
In stock
Krutz C450 Step-Up Cello, Series 500
Call to order - xxx-xxx-xxxx
In stock