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Music Medic WILMINGTON "Wilmington" Student Alto Sax

SKU:  ae00-84460
Manufacturer Part #:  WILMINGTON

*Your price is always at least 30% off. If you have rental credit with us, that would be 30% off of your remaining balance. Call our Product Specialists at 414-963-1000 to see how you can take this instrument home today, or get it delivered to your school!* The world deserves a saxophone that is made well, plays great and in tune and is completely repairable. The Wilmington Alto Sax is exactly that. An amazingly solid and well-made saxophone that is not unbelievably expensive. Don’t be fooled by the reasonable price of this outstanding saxophone, it is made thoughtfully and solidly and under the watchful eye of professional saxophone repair technicians. The Wilmington alto is a great no-nonsense instrument, priced as a student level instrument but standing up mechanically against many professional models. It plays with a warm, clean tone and has a big low end. The entire body is made of nickel silver, which we believe is a factor in its resonant and rich character of the sound. This material is very hard and resists denting and bending. The body is sandblasted inside and out for a satin finish and coated with clear lacquer. The engraving on the bell was designed by Jaice Dumars and carried out with traditional hand engraving techniques. Special features of this Saxophone include: Key contacts under Side Bb, C, and E. High F# key. Adjustable Low C# to Low B mechanism. Most of the keys are mounted on pivot screws instead of rods for a longer lasting setup. All screws and rods are stainless steel to avoid rusting. The octave stem is designed to sit below the tenon to reduce the possibility of getting bent in the case. The nickel Silver body is much more rigid than a traditional brass body and will resist bending, denting and misalignment.

Manufacturer: Music Medic

Music Medic WILMINGTON "Wilmington" Student Alto Sax

SKU:  ae00-84460^WILMINGTON
Manufacturer Part #:  WILMINGTON
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