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Knilling KP151STX Student Cello w/ Perfection Pegs

SKU:  ae00-87564
Manufacturer Part #:  KP151STX

"*Your price is always at least 30% off. If you have rental credit with us, that would be 30% off of your remaining balance. Call our Product Specialists at 414-963-1000 to see how you can take this instrument home today, or get it delivered to your school!* This student cello from Knilling is equipped with Perfection Pegs for easier tuning. The Perfection Peg is a deceptively simple mechanism with a size, shape and overall appearance closely matching a conventional ebony peg. The patented design enables easy, accurate and stable tuning of the cello without the use of tailpiece-mounted string adjusters. In concept,this is equivalent to mechanisms already in use on the guitar and string bass. Perfection pegs employ gears—small, precise, incredibly strong helical gears. Rather than whole-peg rotation and wood-on-wood friction, operation of the internally housed gearing brings each string to its desired tension, and holds it securely in place. This also reduces wear and tear on the peg box, so you will see reduced maintenance costs over time.

Model: KP151STX
Manufacturer: Knilling


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SKU:  ae00-87564^KP151STX
Manufacturer Part #:  KP151STX
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