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Ardsley 12OZ Liquid Peg Drops

SKU:  ae00-6109
Manufacturer Part #:  12OZ

A little bit goes a long way with this little bottle - the first simple cure for slipping and creaking pegs! Directions for Use: 1) Loosen peg. 2) Slide peg out of peg box slightly (no need to remove the peg completely). 3) Apply ONE DROP of Peg Drops to each peg at the point of contact inside the peg box. 4) Insert peg and wipe off excess liquid from peg box.

Model: 12OZ
Manufacturer: Ardsley


SKU:  ae00-6109^PD12
Manufacturer Part #:  12OZ
Weight:  0.00
Regular Price: $16.99
On Sale For: $14.50

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