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N610JHWBL jHorn 2.0 - white/ blue by NUVO

SKU:  ae00-88170
Manufacturer Part #:  N610JHWBL

The jHorn provides the opportunity to learn important “brass” skills from as young as 4 years old. With a full, resonant tone and standard brass fingerings, it is also a lot of fun to play for the brass enthusiast who wants a lightweight, low cost, durable instrument to play on the go. The jHorn is tuned in Bb and plays the same register as the tenor trombone, euphonium and baritone horn. It comes with our unique multi-cup mouthpiece to enable experimentation with low, middle or high brass embouchures. You may also try standard trumpet, tenor horn and narrow bore trombone mouthpieces. The patented rotary face-valve technology provides a solution that looks and feels like piston valves but needs little to no maintenance apart from an occasional wash down with warm soapy water. The jHorn can also be tuned in concert pitch (C-tubes included). This means that it can easily blend into Elementary/Junior school music programs such as WindStars. The WindStars program is a pre-band class curriculum that incorporates the jHorn along with the jSax, jFlute and Clarinéo. For more information visit the WindStars page.

Model: N610JHWBL
Manufacturer: NUVO


SKU:  ae00-88170^N610JHWBL
Manufacturer Part #:  N610JHWBL
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